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Based on available products, Chinese bedroom-furniture manufacturer Soufeiya Home Collection Co., LTD and Hettich have teamed up in developing the "Think! The future!" bedroom concept that picks up on current and future furniture trends.

The concept uses Hettich's Sensys hinge with integrated soft-closing function, Quadro runners, InnoTech drawers and TopLine sliding door fittings.

The concept covers the activity zones of "laundry preparation", "hygiene and make-up", "sport and leisure", "intelligent garment storage", "optimum travel preparation" and "everyday clothing". Each zone focuses on optimising the way in which the bedroom is geared to the demands of daily life. Compartmentalised doors in the hygiene and make-up zone provide additional storage in the same way as horizontally and vertically adjusting standing surfaces do. Clothing is stored intelligently in a carousel, with the capability of selecting outfits to suit the occasion from an iPad.

A new concept for designing internal front panels permits maximum use of glass in the fronts and rear panels of the drawer. Illumination integrated in the rear panel creates attractive highlights. An intelligent control system for opening and closing individual zones and functions inside the furniture gives the user every last convenience.